What we DO...

Mentor Publishing Company Ltd is a leading publisher of high quality, primary  level Revision Books.


Mentor Publishing Company Ltd is a fast growing medium-sized company in the publishing sector.

The company began operations in December 2012 and was officially incorporated in March 2013. Its shareholding is held by various people, including renowned authors.

The company was formed with a view of providing a solution to young and little-known authors who could not have their manuscripts published with the well-established publishing companies. With few well established publishing companies, certain good authors kept their high quality manuscripts with no avenues of having them published. To date, this remains one of our strongest corporate values and we continue to support such authors.


The Company is spearheaded by a team of directors who have vast knowledge and experience in teaching, publishing, authoring and business management.

Our Vision 

To be the champion in publishing well-researched and high quality text books in primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Our Mission 

To publish well researched and high quality textbooks that help pupils and students prepare for national examinations, discover their full potential and enhance their personal development.

About our Products

Are comprehensive in coverage of the syllabus as set out by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).
Are authored in a language that is simple to understand, matching and corresponding to the class of the learner.
Have content which is current in nature; that is, it covers modern issues.
Have content that is accurate, correct and precise.
Endeavor to simplify topics which pose challenges to the average learner.
Contain adequate questions at the end of each topic, end of each unit and model test papers.
 Have an answers section with answers to all exercises and model papers in the book.
Have adequate variety of format and presentation to encourage reading.
Have been authored by educationists from well known and leading schools in the country.